The little things we don't know...

Did you know that most sanitary pads are made of 90% plastic? I didn’t.

I didn’t know that pesticides residue, dioxin and furans were part of the ingredients in my menstrual pad. I had no idea that one sanitary pad could take 500 to 800 years to decompose and we use nearly 45 billion of them per year.

Half of women in the UK flush tampons away. Causing 75% of all sewage blockage and costing a whopping 88 million a year, sending 51 trillion of micro-plastic particles straight into our oceans.

The other little things we don't know...

Standard sanitary pads and tampons have plastics, plasticizers, fragrance, paraffin, pesticide residue, dioxins and furans, all linked to cancer, endocrine disruptions and reproductive toxicity.

Exposure to such toxic substances in the most absorptive skin in our body is extremely harmful. Doctors are increasingly administering hormone treatments vaginally because the treatment can be transferred into the bloodstream with a 10-80 percent higher concentration.

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